Pastoral Care

St Michael's Church set up a Pastoral Care group in 2015, designed for us to see where best we could interact with people in a loving and caring way. Able to come 'alongside', willing to listen and support, without being judgemental, keeping confidences and not gossiping.

We have set up Home Communion visits, where we offer the Eucharist with prayer for those unable to get to church.

A recently designed newsletter has been printed to be taken to those who have not felt comfortable in visiting Church during the Covid 19 pandemic, and to those who for whatever reason struggle to get to Church in the way they once did, so that although 'on the fringe' of Church at the moment do not feel forgotten.

We have many families who bring their children for baptism at St Michael's and our aim is to keep in contact with those families so that they and their children will be invited back to relevant services and hopefully one day those children will join our thriving Sunday School, moving forward much later into our church youth group - Seekers.

Likewise, many couples come here to be married. In advance of their wedding date, they receive very sound, practical guidance in the form of wedding preparation sessions. These are interwoven with good Bible teaching, and they are left in no doubt that they, all their wedding preparations and their future lives together are blessed by God.

Our aim is to develop an ongoing relationship with these couples so that the 'bond' we created before their wedding remains once their wedding day is over.

"Pastoral Care, is in essence, very simple. It has one fundamental aim - to help people to know love, both as something to be received, and something to give".

If you would like a member of our pastoral care team to contact you, do please fill in the form below.
Pastoral Care