Our Values


We believe that we are to cultivate a life of prayer and worship ‘in spirit and in truth’ and to be in fellowship and relationship with God and with one another. Our corporate worship seeks be anchored in God’s Word and inspired by the Holy Spirit.


We seek to be a Church in which all are welcome as we live out an Anglican expression of life, faith and ministry.


All our teaching will be based in the Bible because we believe it is the inspired Word of God. We seek to train and equip Church members to discover and use their gifts and talents in Christian service and in building up the Church.

Children and young people will be nurtured amongst us as the Church of today.


We encourage loving, caring, mutual respect for all through small groups and various forms of worship.

We will do everything we can to make sure everyone can take a full and equal part in our church life, regardless of any particular needs. All are called into ministry within the body of Christ.

We believe God is willing to use any group of people who will together seek and call upon him in prayer.


We believe that God commands and equips us to share the Gospel in word and action.

We want to be the local church for local people. We will take the Gospel out to people around us in whatever ways they will best see, hear, and understand.

We believe that we are to get involved and take initiatives in local and worldwide mission which transforms lives, through our time, talents, resources, and prayers.


As the body of Christ will seek to serve one another and the local community, both as individuals, and through making our premises available whenever possible to local people and organisations.


We promote generosity which arises out of a desire to be like Jesus in the ways we use our time and possessions, and in which we offer hospitality and interest in others.


We seek to exercise mutual accountability and interdependence in our Church family.