Walking the Way Group

The Walking the Way group is a mid-week housegroup led by our Priest in Charge, Revd Mark and supported by Doug and Sue Brown along with Alison Cassidy. 

Its purpose is to create an environment of nurture and support with a strong foundation of prayer, worship and Bible study. Once a session is underway, we open in prayer and then give space for sharing and catching up before taking a look at whatever Bible study or course material we are working through. This is interspersed with some worship music. We seek to encourage, support and apply the teaching as we learn together. Members are welcome to ask any questions as we work through the material, and all are encouraged to share their thoughts and insights. We finish with prayer and then usually another chat time. Members who would like to read, pray or speak can do so, but no pressure on those who prefer to listen. During the last 4 years we have been privileged to see lives changed as members, including ourselves, have experienced a clearer understanding of what following Jesus means.

 In 2021, we completed the Bible Society’s Bible Course, began working through some Bible studies in Matthew’s Gospel and have dovetailed with other Church members during the Lent and Advent courses. In 2022, we completed the Character Course.

 An important aspect of the nurture group is the fellowship, we care about everyone who comes to the group and the care doesn’t end after the meeting but continues throughout the week. Going to Church is fantastic, however sometimes you may feel you would like to ask questions about things that pertain to faith or living your faith, or to have fellowship with people, or to grow in faith in a gentle and friendly environment.

 This is why we chose to have a nurture group and Walking the Way Group is here for you, you will receive a warm welcome if you would like to join us. Our usual meeting time is on a Tuesday at 7pm, but this sometimes changes depending on what other activities and events are taking place. Due to Covid we have been meeting online via Zoom, and in respect of each member we will continue to use Zoom until we feel it is safe to meet in our home again.


Currently our Bellringers team comprises a band of 8 dedicated people, of whom 4 are experienced ringers and a further 4 who are at different stages of learning the craft. We also have an experienced ringer who is currently away at University but manages to join us ringing when he is able to fit in visits home. This means that what we ring is limited at the moment but more importantly - we are able to ring for Sunday Services.

 Besides our regular Monday practice and Sunday Service ringing, we rang Half muffled for Remembrance Day in November and we rang for all of the Christmas Services.

 Our Monday night practice is currently from 8pm to 9pm and as always, everyone is welcome.


We are looking to re-establish our Choir at St Michael's. We are looking for new adult members who may be willing to join and become part of our worshipping congregation. We engage with traditional hymns as well as some contemporary worship songs. If you might be interested do please get in touch.

Friendship Lunches

Our Friendship Lunch group began back in 2018 with a small team comprising Kath Barker, Lynette Wilson and Brenda Packham.  These lunches were designed to bring together those who felt lonely and isolated, sometimes never or very rarely meeting a friendly face to talk to and are well attended, typically accommodating up to 25 people each month.

The lunch, though not elaborate is usually varied, in warmer months with a mix of meats, fish and salad, followed by Brenda’s lovely, very memorable desserts. In the colder months, sometimes soup, followed by baked potatoes with fillings and a little salad on the side. Again followed by Brenda’s delicious dessert offerings.

 The lunches commence at 12 noon, and we open perhaps with a Bible reading or a seasonal message, and an appropriate prayer. They end with tea or coffee, and in between all of this, a jovial hub of chit chat and laughter is enjoyed. Donations for these lunches are optional. It’s the people that matter the most. 

Men's Group

The Men’s Group meets every 2nd Wednesday in the month at 7:30pm at East Ardsley Conservative Club. This is a social evening for members when they can relax with a pint and discuss present day events and occurrences.

 The group has historically organised Annual Dinners, and in 2023 our Annual Dinner went ahead as planned at the beginning of the year at the Holmfield House, Wakefield, when 16 members and guests attended. A good evening was had by all.

 Any men wishing to join the group or wanting to find out more information should contact John Theaker on 07787 310063.