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Sunday Readings - Archive
Readings for the Lent 2009

Gospel Reading for Lent 1: Mark 1.9-15
After his baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus is driven out by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. (The word driven out is ekballo in Greek - a forceful word derived from the root word to throw). Jesus here demonstates the victory over Satan which will be completed by his forthcoming death and resurrection.

Gospel Reading for Lent 2: Mark 8.31-38
Jesus tells his disciples about his coming death and resurrection. Peter fails to understand the way in which God's will in Jesus will be accomplished. This leads Jesus on to explain to the multitude and to his disciples that there is a cost involved in following him.

Gospel Reading for Lent 3: John 2.13-22
St John records the cleansing of the Jerusalem temple by Jesus. Once again Jesus predicts his death and resurrection. This time he refers to his body as the temple, but the bystanders thought that he was referring to the actual temple which has taken 46 years to build.

Gospel Reading for Lent 4: John 3.14-21
The bronze serpent which was lifted up by Moses in the desert provided healing for those who looked to it. In the same way Jesus will be lifted up so that those who believe in him may have eternal life.

Gospel Reading for Lent 5: John 2.13-22
Jesus cleanses the Jerusalem temple and predicts his death and resurrection by comparing his body to a temple. The Jews did not understand the meaning of this saying, but after Jesus was raised his disciples understood and believed.

Gospel Reading for Palm Sunday
Two different liturgies may be celebated today. The liturgy of the Palms uses Mark 11.1-11 or John 12.12-16 and records the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in fullfilment of scripture. The liturgy of the Passion uses Mark 14.1 - 15.47. This longer reading is part of a traditional sequence where each of the Passion naratives from the 4 Gospels were read during Holy Week. Maundy Thursday records the Last Supper and Good Friday uses the Passion narrative from John's Gospel.