The Vicar writes...

Dear Friends,

Just after Easter I managed to have a few days break and travelled to Iona which is a small island just off the western tip of the Isle of Mull in Western Scotland. There has been a Christian presence on the island for 1500 years so it is steeped in prayer and history and along with its natural beauty it makes it all worthwhile when one finally gets there.

The problem with visiting Iona, even for us living in the north of England, is the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to reach the place. First one spends around 8 hours travelling to get to Oban and then itís a forty five minute ferry journey to Mull, followed by a one hour bus journey over Mull and then itís a short ten minute ferry onto Iona. Yet in a strange sort of way the effort and time it takes to reach the island all adds to the experience of being there and the journey itself becomes part of the pilgrimage.

Our lives can be seen as a pilgrimage with the ultimate destination being heaven and eternal life with God. The journey we are on though is not an easy one and life can take all manner of twists and turns yet faith helps us to glimpse and recognise Jesus in our midst.

The Easter story reminds us of Godís amazing love in the death and resurrection of Jesus and through this Godís commitment to walk beside us on our lifeís journey. Hereís a prayer for you to say to recognise Jesus in your daily lives and allow him to give you glimpses of the heaven that has been prepared for usÖ.

Lord Jesus,
we pray that you are with us
even when we cannot recognize your companionship.
Walk by our side, we pray, as we embark on each dayís journey
and walk by the side of the lonely, the burdened and the desperate.
So may our eyes be opened and our hearts burn within us
as you restore hope to our minds and harmony to our hearts.
To you be praise and glory for ever. Amen

With every Blessing,

Glenn Coggins - Vicar

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