The Vicar writes...

Dear Friends,

You may have heard it said that 'change is here to stay'. Well there's no doubt that change is very much part and parcel of our lives. Over the last few years we have said good bye to local public houses, the working men's club and even the Catholic church down Westerton Road. We may not have ever darkened the door of these places but they are venues were people meet and socialise and form part of community life. God created us to live in communities, so part of being human is to have company and fellowship of others to help share our lives and experiences.

Here at St. Michael's church we are thankful that the church community and building is in good health and allows people to meet with God and each other. Down the Falls though our daughter church of St. Gabriel's has seen numbers attending services fall and the church council have looked at ways to support the life and ministry of this small church. We are thankful that Leeds City Council manage the building overall and to a voluntary management committee who organise events and groups who use the community side of the building. To help the worship life of St. Gabriel's we have therefore decided to move the 6:00pm evening service on the 1st Sunday of the month at St. Michael's down to St. Gabriel's. Full details of dates and the service rota etc are shown on this website. Please note the dates and do consider joining us at these services.

As we approach another Easter we are also reminded of the communal part of the Easter story. The disciples gathered with Jesus for the Last Supper, then disciples are with him on and off during the trial and crucifixion until that very first Easter day when the news reaches the disciples that 'He is Risen'. The events of those three days can echo in our own lives in that we have our own Good Friday experiences and hopefully plenty of Easter Day ones. Church communities are places for support, fellowship and prayer for each one of us as together we journey through life.

Please think about joining us for Easter as together we shall say,

'He is Risen, . . . . He is Risen indeed, Alleluia'.

With best regards,

Glenn Coggins - Vicar

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