The Vicar writes...

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Christmas edition of 'Church Outlook' and no doubt you will be in the midst of preparations for Christmas. You may have presents to purchase, cards and letters to write or emails to send for those who live in the 'internet age'.

If you are lucky you may be arranging for guests to arrive and stay over the Christmas period or indeed be planning to travel. Christmas can certainly be a busy time with adverts telling us we can not live without this or that gift, the shop tills ring out and the Christmas tree lights are bright and cheerful. Great expectations surround the season.

In all the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas, the Church is called again to proclaim afresh to the world the good news of Jesus' birth as a baby boy. This gift from God is not a gift that can be bought or given it can only be received in love and thanksgiving by each one of us. Jesus is the reason for the season you may say.

Part of the church's advertising campaign this year is to get people to think afresh about the real meaning of Christmas with posters featuring a fictional 'Godbaby toy'. The poster is aimed at making the Christmas story appeal to the younger generation as research tells that only 7% on the generation in the age range 18 - 24 know the true meaning of Christmas. The posters will surprise some and disturb others but that is exactly what Jesus did and the poster is an attempt to force us beyond the tinsel to the human reality of 'God among us'. Some posters will carry the slogan 'Godbaby He cries, He wees, He saves the world'.

So as Christmas approaches yet again, we at St. Michael's and all churches will be retelling the story of Jesus' birth in nativity plays, christingle, carols and services. The story takes us beyond the baby Jesus to remind us how desperately we need God and how extravagantly God loves this world.

Do join us as we rejoice at Jesus' birth and embrace him in our lives as the most wonderful and life changing gift that one can ever receive. Jesus is a free gift from God but it will take you until eternity to unwrap it's treasures.

With best wishes for Christmas and 2013.


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