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Dear Friends,

In late October 2011 the United Nations officially named Danica Mae Camacho from the Philippines as the 7th billion person to be born. It is amazing that in the space of just 50 years the population has doubled which is a celebration but it is also a challenge to the world on how to distribute food fairly and take care of the environment.

The arrival of a baby is always a cause for rejoicing as one is touched by the wonder and gift of a new life. At St. Michael's this year we have had a bumper number of baptisms of over 40 babies, each one unique and full of potential to take their place and make their mark on the world's stage.

Somebody once said that when God wants to do something important in the world a baby is sent. For instance Moses, who appeared as a baby in the bulrushes, was born into harsh circumstances of slavery and oppression when the Israelites were in Egypt. Moses was then to lead God's chosen people to freedom in the promised land which involved a physical journey of many miles and took over forty years.

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God's Son, who is born into our world, to share our lives with all its joys and pain. Jesus though, in contrast to Moses, did not come to lead us on a physical journey but on an internal journey in our hearts, minds and souls. He came to offer new life in all its fullness and lead us away from the slavery of sin, bad habits and selfishness. This inner conversion that Jesus offers to all who put their faith in him then leads us to want to build a better world to reflect God's values.

Do join us this Christmas time to wonder at the birth of God's Son, Jesus, to welcome him into our lives so that together we can build a better world for all people of all ages.

With love at Christmas


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