Autumn News from St Michael's Seekers

You will all be aware if you read the articles by Amy and Nicola in the last magazine that we had the most wonderful weekend away to Kettleness. We were blessed with some amazing weather, and this really made the weekend. We returned to our old haunt of Kettleness, it had been a few years since our last visit there and most of the seekers had not been before. In all the years we have been going, never before had the weather been so nice that we were able to share a meal together outdoors, as we did this year on Sunday lunch time. All the seekers have since received their tiles that they painted during the visit to Doodlepots over the weekend. The tiles have been glazed and fired since we left, and they have all come out really well.

Our new panel on the Seekers Voice group have also met and suggested plans for events over the next few months and made their choices for the Christmas Party, which will be a sleepover, with Pizza Hut takeaway, and the Murder Mystery event that we were unable to undertake on the weekend away.

Trying to get the youth to express their talents and gifts has quite often been really difficult, so we planned a talents evening in October. The idea behind it was for the youth (and leaders !!) to bring to the meeting a 'talent' they had, or hobby or enjoyment. The evening worked really well, and we learnt quite a few interesting facts that we never previously knew. An example of which is that we learnt one of our Seekers played Water Polo. No matter what the youth brought however, or to what level they contributed, the message back to them was that they are all talented, and have gifts from God, in their own unique way. It was great that Kate was able to join us after very recently returning from Winchester after a gruelling six months where she has now passed out as a soldier in the army. We wish Kate all the best as she has now moved to Reading to start her specialist army training in the world of Aircraft Avionics.

An informal evening based around Bible Sunday was held most recently at the point of writing this article. We had a light hearted look at Bibles across the ers and had a short quiz, designed to get the Youth using the Youth Bibles to find things. Quite often, even adults when looking in a Bible feel the need to 'find' what they are looking for by flicking through in the hope they find it quickly and without embarrassment, but the message and idea of the quiz was “It’s ok to use the index or contents page” to help find the relevant entries. This message seemed to get across and all got high marks in the fun quiz, searching for the answers.

So what is coming up for the youth group? Well, firstly we will be having a combined effort to put together and send off a nice selection of filled shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child appeal. Following that, we will be putting together our service for the Seekers All Age Advent service in December.

That service is on Sunday 2nd December at 10am and all are welcome. Finally, we will be saying goodbye to another calendar year, with our sleepover, Murder Mystery and Pizza Hut Party.

Everyone at the Seekers youth group, wishes you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year 2013.

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