St. Michael’s Seekers Weekend to Kettleness

The excitement started at the church hall. The bus was parked outside the building, all the bags were being packed into the boot and the parents were waiting to say goodbye. Once everyone was ready to go, we climbed onboard the bus and chose our seats. Shortly after that, the bus set off and everyone waved goodbye to their parents as we started our adventure.

No one went to sleep on the bus journey. Everyone was wide awake and talking and singing. The bus journey was soon over and the excitement level rose as we explored our home for the weekend. It was a huge place, there was a lounge, a big dining area, a kitchen, a little toilet and shower area (what the boys used), a big toilet and shower area (what the girls used), a boys dorm, a girls dorm and then upstairs was where the leaders slept (to keep away from the children). It also had a lot of land. There was a big football field round the back of the house, a huge activity hut and lots more land around the front including an old railway line which is now just grass. After exploring we chose our beds and unpacked our things. By that time it was time for our late night walk. We got our torches and set off in the dark, we did a walk that went round the village we were staying in.

Once we were back to the house we had supper, a lovely slice of cake and a hot chocolate. We had a little incident when drinking our hot chocolate. I accidently spilt my hot chocolate and it went EVERYWHERE! I was dripping wet, the two people at either side of me were dripping wet and even the people sat behind me were wet! I also managed to cover the floor in hot chocolate too! We had to go and get changed into some other clothes and Craig had to mop up the floor. Once everyone had finished their supper, we got ready for bed and attempted to go to sleep. Obviously we didn’t get to sleep until about 2:00 am!

We were woken up by Craig at about 7:40 to get dressed for breakfast. Breakfast was lovely; we had a full English breakfast! After that we set off for Goathland. After a short bus journey we were in the town where 'Heartbeat'is filmed. After walking down hundreds of steps and climbing rocks we eventually reached our destination, a beautiful waterfall. Most of us stood under it and got really wet but we weren’t bothered because it was a very hot day so we needed a cool down. After spending a while playing in the waterfall we climbed back up the hundreds of stairs and headed for the train station. At the train station we started to eat our lunch but very shortly afterwards our train came! It was a big old-fashioned steam train. So we climbed on board, had the rest of our lunch and after about 40 minutes we were in Whitby!

The train stopped at our station, we got off and headed into town. We walked and talked until we were at the pottery shop. The shop was lovely, there were all different types of pottery and paintings. The shopkeepers were extremely nice; they had set out some tables with all the paints in number order for us. We each got a tile to decorate however we wanted. Everyone’s was completely different; some people did their name and others did a landscape.

(Written as given — unedited. Editor) Nicola Swift

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