St Michael's Bell ringers

Bell ringing has always been used for celebrations or warning. A traditional bell tower was separate to the church and the ringers were paid in beer but then the Church took over so now we have to buy our own after a Monday practice session.

We are a small group always looking to expand so anyone willing to give it a go will be welcome. All potential ringers need is a bit of strength to pull the bell and a bit of co-ordination to catch the rope and you are ringing !!!!!

Our Tower Master Gordon does most of the shouting be it when we are doing call changes (when we slowly change the order of when the bells are rung) or when we are wrong as we attempt to improve our ringing method.

An extremely talented band rang for the Church's Rededication which shows what the Bells are capable of doing on a good day and with a good team. We try our best to ring at every Sunday service and when requested before and after weddings both here and at Rothwell and occasionally travel to other towers to join in with their practice sessions.

It is amazing how many people in the Church family are ex-bell ringers for all kinds of reasons but if anyone wants to become a bell ringer you know where we are, we are the noisy ones, but you have to buy your own beer!!

Chris Swift

Make a joyful noise to the Lord . . . . become a bell-ringer!

The bell ringers practice on Monday nights 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm.

St Michael's in winter

St Michael's bells

St Michael's bells